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Paranormal Journeys & Investigations are a team with a real passion about all things paranormal. We offer our services to homes and businesses around all of the Manawatu and New Zealand. 

Welcome to Paranormal Journeys & Investigations. We are a small team in the Manawatu who are very passionate about studying the paranormal.

We are an adventurous and friendly group who will gladly help out in any situation with our cool collection of ghostly gadgets.


If you know of a place that you feel is haunted or you have something unexplained or spooky happening in your home, we will gladly come and investigate and try and put your mind at ease. 

All our evidence (if recorded) will be shared with you confidentially and for our bigger investigations, a full written report can be created just for you. We try to keep things relaxed but professional.


Our services are free of charge, but we aren't averse to a nice cup of tea.  


Keep up with our Paranormal Journeys and Investigations by visiting our adventure diary!
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